Cincinnati Bell

Cincinnati Bell offers "Lifeline" discounts on Internet connection. Discounts are available based on income. Federal discount of $9.25 may be applied to qualifying Internet services. One discount per household per service applies.

Cincinnati Bell – Connect our Students

Cincinnati Bell is offering SWOCA members a 20 MB DSL based solution (available to about 80% of Cincinnati Bell current service area). In the remaining 20%, a 5 Mbps DSL based solution is offered. The 5 MB solution would not be sufficient for 2-way video conferencing, but will work for streaming recorded lessons or live video, and completing assignments via your LMS.

The 20 MB product is offered at $16.67 per month, and the 5 Mbps product is offered at $13.99 per month, with the following restrictions:

Cincinnati Bell Internet service must be currently available at the student’s location. Only addresses that currently do not have Cincinnati Bell Internet or TV will be eligible. Homes that take advantage of this offer will not be permitted to add TV. This offer is strictly internet only. The individual customer may get this service aside from the District (or donor organization).”