Remote Access

SWOCA Applications

Web based SWOCA applications will be available remotely, as always. No VPN required. This includes the Progressbook Suite (Gradebook, SIS, etc.), ERP (eFinancePlus), and Fiscal Redesign. Exceptions to this include: Data Collector, USAS/USPS Classic (Smarterm), and FISCWeb, which require VPN connections. Our VPN service will be prioritized for these applications.

Payroll Support

USPS will continue to be available to VPN users. Treasurer’s Office staff that will need to run payroll should ensure that they have a current SWOCA VPN account. The Kiosk application is available remotely so your employees can view their payslips if they don't have access to their e-mail from home. Our fiscal staff is available to support your Treasurer’s Office even through any office closings that may occur.


SWOCA provides full remote access to critical staff members. This gives users full access to your district resources as well as any backend SWOCA applications such as USAS/USPS Classic. We recommend verifying accounts are set up, at a minimum, for the following roles: Tech Coordinator, Superintendent, Payroll, Treasurer, EMIS Coordinator. We are certain that we can maintain connectivity for these staff accounts, so all of your key staff will be able to access SWOCA based services. We do have a limitation on the appliance for 300 MB of total VPN throughput, which is more than adequate for those key staff members from all districts, as long as large file transfers are not made across the VPN appliance. We have contingency plans to stand up additional virtual VPN servers if needed so that we can allow more staff to connect, but we are recommending districts consider utilizing remote file access options (Below) for local file access or use RDP to local desktops for the heavy-bandwidth users. To request VPN access for your staff, submit a ticket to the SWOCA Helpdesk.


For current VOIP customer with SWOCA, we can provide soft phones to key staff members. This gives them a software based version of the desk phone they can use on their computer. Calls to their extension will ring on their remote PC.

Remote File Access

For files that can't (or shouldn't) go to the cloud, SWOCA recommends non-VPN remote access. Many members are already using Microsoft's Direct Access for this purpose, it makes file servers available without a VPN. Here are a few options.

ZOHO File Access

HTTP Commander

Microsoft Direct Access

My Work Drive